Tag filters in Bear 2.0?

Is there a plan to have some sort of note filtering option in Bear such as having a tag filter?

Tag filter can be very useful for people like me who assign multiple tags to individual notes. I plan to use tags as per “what”, “why” and “who” types of info pertaining to individual notes and such tags are difficult to be nested together.

In apps such as Apple notes and Evernote, it’s much easier to select multiple tags (and also excluding a few) while filtering a note rather than having to type individually the tag names in the search bar.

Of course it’s not a must-have feature, but could be a great convenience if it’s there in some way.

Thoughts from everyone are welcome regarding any workaround if you use for this purpose.


Here in a horribly long and unreadable post with a bad title i asked for similar: filtering for notes list by tags that are listed in a popup. I quite consider that as a great feature that would take bears concept of nested tags one step further. It was said that after 2.0 release the search will be improved. I hope something similar will be implemented


Hi there,

I think that you are want to use GTD like it works in Evernote. I tried to find this way in Bear too and I found answer in this question by using search-functionality. You can write your expression in search with multiple tags.

Using search is fine but there are 2 problems:

  1. Will have to remember tag names
  2. Will have to manually (and correctly) type the tag names as there’s no autocomplete feature in search bar.

This makes searching for tags very inconvenient especially for an app which is totally tag-centric.

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That was a great post. You have gone even beyond what I was suggesting with the possibility to limit additional tag suggestions based on already selected tag/s.
However even if that feature is not added, at least a simple multi-tag search filter with options for “and”, “or” and “exclude” to arrive at a finely granular tag-based search result will be awesome. Like mentioned in your post, this feature alone can change and even simplify the tag structure for many people.

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I just add some details:

  • try to find tag #what - it shows all tags that include tag #what. So it actually search everything #what/*
  • try to find tag !#what - it shows just by tag #what without childs.

I know what you mean. But consider that in your logic also the nested tags and the tag tree could be replaced by simple tags: you just have to remember the tag names. As ankerpunkt already said you have to remember the tags. I was on the contrary thinking about browsing inside a hierarchical tag structure for discovering, f.e. i click on on recipes and in second pane notes list i open the remaining tags in form of a pop up that are also shown as tree and where i could choose further tags after exploring. Now you could say: create a nested tags like #recipe/ingridient/onion. I could add also a tag #recipe/type/vegetarian. But there is no connection between type and ingredient. Now imagine i choose in tag tree from left sidebar as type of recipe the entry “vegetarian”. The further tag popup in notes list would show me also all other remaining tags from the notes list: the ingredients or let’s say other recipe related tags like country of food and so on. Do you know now what i mean? Actually that gives the possibility to link each tag to any other in browsing. And furthermore it would help to create shorter tag names and a more logical tag tree structure in left sidebar

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Maybe a couple of enhancements to Search could get Bear most of the way to the asks in this thread.

  1. When you enter a tag in the search box, the completion menu should pop up just like it does when entering a tag in a note. This would address @krssno’s point about having to remember tag names.

  2. Saved searches. This wouldn’t completely get us Evernote-style filters, but I generally find myself filtering on the same sets of tags day after day; or at least starting with the same sets of tags and then adding additional constraints.


The ability to multi-select (⌘-click) tags and have it do an AND search with those would be amazing!

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