Filter for more than 1 tag

Please let us search or filter by multiple tags at once

As two of many examples

I have notes for Beers I have had. Tags coulbe #beer/IPA and also have #location/Charlotte

If I search on just the location tag #charlotte Ill find restaurants and parks, and coffee shops, not just the IPA’s I have had there. If I search on #IPA Ill find beers from all over the country. I know I can select a tag and then search with in that tag but its just not the same, and inaccurate.

Another example would be Coffee Notes. Ill hae a note for a specific coffee with #Coffee/Roaster/Verve and a tag for Coffee/Location/Ethiopia. I would like to select the tags “verve” and Ethiopia to quickly narrow down that list

Being able to quickly find notes with a multi tag filter is the only thing I feel Bear is really missing. With an app so focused on tag management, let us use those tags to find notes eiaser


Hey, have you read the search options here?
There are quite a few „hidden“ or unintuitive ways to add or exlcude stuff from the search.

Yea, thats not what im looking for. Using search that way you have to write out the full parent tag and subtag, its not fast, or particularly easy. When I do Command O I can search for the exact tag, but only one


I think I know what you mean. 2 years ago I wrote a horribly long post here and have suggested something similar under point A.2)

Although I still stand behind the proposal and mainly its reasoning, in the meantime I believe that it would be enough if bear would allow typing tags by autocomplete inside the search field of articles list. See here

What also could be added in terms of functionality: A command “Add tag to search” in the context menu of the tags in left pane

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