Feature requests: tabs, tag location, search window

A few requests:

Tabs. This would allow me to keep open my most used notes while I’m working.

Tag location. When dragging notes to a tag, tags are placed at the end of the note, but I prefer to have my tags under the title heading. It would be useful if this were an option in settings (e.g., Append or prepend after title).

Search window. I really like having a search window, like Craft or Obsidian.



I know it’s not quite a tab, but on iPadOS at least you can open multiple bear windows, and with stage manager can also have them on the same screen as it were. Might be an interim solution for you?

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Not sure what a search window is. However, I’d love if the search icon could be expanded to a bar by default. The search bar is easier to tap/click to initiate a search.

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