💡 Idea: Add #tag autocomplete suggestions to search

I find it really difficult searching for tagged notes when I don’t remember the exact name of the tag. It would be great if when you enter a # in the search box then have the app suggest existing tags to filter by. Example of how this could look…

Screenshot of Bear (07-07-2023, 12-22-39)

You already have this autocomplete for tag creation so I presume this would be an easy add — it would massively improve usability of the search :pray:

Also, if it could select+focus the desired tag in the sidebar upon confirmation this would also be really useful. Sometimes its difficult to find the tag location in the sidebar - with nested tags it takes too long scrolling up/down and opening nested folder


You are not the only one who requested autocompletion of tags in searchfield. But you are the first one with a nice mockup. I advocated for a popup with a display of a tree with remainig tags from the notelist. Actually i am very sure that your proposal has much higher chances of implementation since most users asked for the way you suggested and there is no visual clutter/overload

Some additional thoughts to the autocompletion of tags in search field:

  1. As far as i understand it correctly the !#tag and #*/tag wouldn’t be necessary since the autocompletion looks everywhere in the tags and subtags? That would reduce the expressions just to #tag and - #tag. And you have an user expereience already known from other place (editor).

  2. I must admit that this my pet idea: i would be amazed if the suggestions in the autocompletion field are limited to just those tags that are present in the notes from the notes list. Whow wants to end up with an empty list?


I agree that just typing a # would initiate a tag wildcard search so you didn’t need any other search
operators. Its simple and most users would be able to use it without the need to remembering extra search operators.

Also a great idea. I almost think that the search that you have should always be global anyway. The search that you have on the iOS app is a global search regardless of the selected — it would be great if the desktop worked the same. You could then change the placeholder to :arrow_lower_left:

It would also fix the another issue in that if you trigger the “open main window” shortcut then press CMD+SHIFT+F to activate search — confusingly you see no results returned because a previously selected tag or section was selected.

Further to this, a new shortcut to trigger this :point_up: global search from anywhere on the mac and start typing (without first needing to first open bear) could be added as a really useful addition here :arrow_lower_left:


Agree, this would be a nice feature

I was just coming here to request this feature. The lack of this feature impacts me daily in a major way. I love Bear, especially 2.0, but the mediocre search capabilities sometimes makes me start looking at other note tools…

Without this feature, here’s the terrible workflow I end up doing many times every day:

NOTE: at a quick estimate, I have more than 600 tags

  1. In order to jump to a tag, I create a new note,
  2. then I start typing in a tag with the awesome in-note auto-complete…
  3. When I find a match, I click on the tag to jump to it.
  4. I often forget to delete that blank note,
  5. and I end up with dozens of these garbage blank “search notes” I have to clean up over time.

It’s a mess, but it’s still the best and only way to find the right tag among hundreds. I would actually probably have even more tags if search had tag-autocomplete and thus it was easier to use tags.