Auto completion of #tags in search bar & saved search/filter templates

  1. Auto completion of tags in search
    Similar to autocomplete within the editor.

  2. Apple has a smart folder, and Evernote has saved search.
    for the time being, we can use an x-call-back URL scheme (X-callback-url Scheme documentation | FAQ & Support | Bear App) can be used and saved in a note for quick access. But if Bear2 can sport this inbuilt, it will empower the app for faster searching (in terms of the user interaction).



yes, auto-completion for tags and special searches are features we want to explore along with a possible expansion of search capabilities. Saved searches are part of this but where to place them is an interesting problem.

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Auto-completion for tags in search (the same as the editor) is literally my only feature request! All of my tags are nested into three categories (projects, areas, resources - using the PARA method), so I always have to remember which category the tag is in before I search. The editor already handles this beautifully with auto-complete.


Saved searches would be epic. One simply for created today not modified today like the default today would be so helpful for my mind

You could replace the four built-in searches with their saved search equivalents (@untagged, @todo, …).


The default UI wouldn’t change at all. But then you have a natural place to put user-defined saved searches. Also, those of us who don’t use one or more of the built-ins would be able to get rid of that clutter.


I strongly disagree that the sub levels under notes-node are a good place for saved searches. Placing them there would mean that they are just applied on whole database. If applied from second pane in contrary the saved search would be applied to any notes list

Here an video with a clever way of applying filters inside a library component of foobar2000. The function is realised with a dropdown box but that is not the point. I like how several applied filters are combined with each other (take care from second 0:20) what is preventing a huge amount of filters. Maybe that is going to inspire you:

Thanks but I don’t think this is what people have in mind when thinking about saved searches. These are filters applied before the search terms which have to be written all the time. Those filters resemble what you do with Bear’s sidebar.

From the user’s perspective, basic saved searches imply users have to, at one point, “save” the search terms and easily re-trigger the exact search. The first part can be done by putting a menu under the magnifier icon in the search field, the second part it’s way trickier from a UX perspective. It can be done with an autocomplete panel in the search field + the magnifier menu but an extra panel is required for editing/removing the searches. tl:dr; this requires some UI/UX testing.

Ah OK, i see what you mean: a saved search probably then includes also the place where a search was included, f.e. Inside of a special tag selected from tag tree? If so then the left sidebar indeed would be a proper place for those saved searches. Or should the saved search be implied inside the second pane? In that case the question arises if each saved search makes sense in each possible notes list. [Edit]: Therefore I think filters (like the @expressions) make more sense in second pane than saved searches

I’m inclined to believe this can be done in the second panel but there are a few small details that concern me and can influence the position where this can be placed. For example, if the search has a “name” or is just defined by a sequence of terms. e.g work todos as opposed to #bear OR #panda @todo

This might sound like a trivial detail but in the second case, the sidebar is most like not the place for the saved searches because the terms will be cut at some point making it hard to identify the search.

I get your concerns about the saved search not making any sense if you are in a sub-section or a tag of the sidebar, but I think we can make it work regardless of the position by deciding special searches moves the selection to Notes or are connected to a specific section/tag. Again, a lot of funny testing to be done here.

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That would make totally sense to me. And it would help to avoid the display of a huge list of saved searches because just those ones related to the context would be displayed.