Feature requests: Search keywords autocompletion & Saved searching conditions

Advanced search keywords autocompletion.

I need to open the help document every time I use advanced search keywords.

Save search conditions as custom filters and pin them to the left bar.

Some filter conditions are frequent to individual users.


Saved searches that can be pinned to the left bar sounds amazing! This would be a great addition to tags.


Updated x-callback links to easily save Bear searches

Download and install Apple Shortcut: Save Bear Search

2023-03-24 at 09:17 IST

Copy the complete text from MD-code below into a new note,
and in Bear 2.0, make sure you use Paste as Text
(to avoid som strange * that gets added by normal paste from this forum site)

# Saved Searches
* [My Search Term](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=%22My%20Search%20Term%22%20-.shortcuts)
* [@title](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@title%20)
* [@today](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@today)
* [@yesterday](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@yesterday)
* [@untitled](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@untitled)
* [[Reminders]]

- - -
## To add a favorite search to top of list above:
1. Copy a Bear search term that works as intended
2. **Run**: [Save Bear Search](workflow://run-workflow?name=Save%20Bear%20Search)
   (_If **not** installed, download and install Apple Shortcut: [Save Bear Search](https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/476bf14e8eb9456ab58134846cd30058)_)
3. New search link is now automatically added to top of this note :)

This note pinned, is also tagged: #.shortcuts that is also pinned to be on top of tag list.

## Special Searches
* [Empty search](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=)
* [@tagged](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@tagged)
* [@untagged](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@untagged)
* [@today](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@today)
* [@yesterday](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@yesterday)
* [@last7days](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@last7days)
* [@last21days](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@last21days)
* [@images](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@images)
* [@files](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@files)
* [@attachments](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@attachments)
* [@task](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@task)
* [@todo](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@todo)
* [@done](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@done)
* [@code](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@code)
* [@title](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@title)
* [@locked](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@locked)
* [@date\(\)](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@date%282021-07%29)
* [@cdate\(\)](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@cdate%282021%29)

These Special Searches can be combined with any search term for more specific results. For example: `@images @todo “bear faq”` will search for all the notes that have images, uncompleted todos, **and** the exact phrase of bear faq.

Dates for @cdate **and** @date can be expressed in the ISO8601 format `@date(2018-12-23)` **or** according to your device’s local date format, for example `@date(12/23/2018)` in the U.S.A.

## Tags
* You can search for any `#tag`
* You can search for a `#tag` excluding its nested tags with `!#tags`
* Exclude a specific tag from search results with `-#tag`
* To search for subtags **only** search for `#*/tag`

  Pro Tip: Search for a tag, then create a new note with that tag already applied.
  Please Note: Double pound sign tags like numbers `#2021#` **or** dates `#10/04/2021#` also need to be wrapped in pound signs in the search field.

See FAQ: [Advanced search options in Bear - Shiny Frog FAQ](http:*//www.bear-writer.com/faq/Advanced%20search%20options%20in%20Bear)


Thanks for this. I was having trouble creating some of my own saved searches that involved tags and with this post I was able to quickly realise that it was a URL encoding problem on my end.

I love your shortcut which makes flawless saved searches every time.

Just a couple of issues that I ran into following the directions in the post:

  1. now that I have Bear 2.0 beta installed, all of the urls had to be changed from bear2:// to bear:// for me;
  2. when I simply copied the text I picked up a lot of extra * markings inside the URL which threw me for a second: bear2:*//x-callback-url/search?.. These are MD formatting marks that need to be removed. There may be a better way to copy the MD text that prevents this but heads up just in case.

The post above and Shortcut has has been
Updated to the new beta. (I forgot to delete the old one though, sorry about that)


Thank you for pointing that out, Yes I just realized that copying and pasting added those strange * inside and outside of the links.

Think I found the solution: in Bear, use: Paste as Text :nerd_face:

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