Allow customizing of saved searches in the "Notes" section of the sidebar

As a relatively new user of Bear and this forum it’s possible that this has already been discussed, if so I do apologize, but… It would be a huge help if we were able to customize the saved searches in the “notes” section of the sidebar menu to include other types of searches/shortcuts. For example I use the the “today” shortcut all the time to see the notes I’ve edited today, but I often wish I could have another similar shortcut that would show me the notes I’ve edited in the past few days. I know you can manually do custom search for things like this using @yesterday or @lastXdays or @date, but having these types of searches as easily accessible shortcuts would be a huge time saver for me on a daily basis.

As an alternative option, since I know (and appreciate) the Bear developers priority for having a simple and clean design UI, maybe just having a separate collapsable section in the sidebar for storing any user specific custom searches would be preferable.

Thanks for taking time to consider this feedback and for all the hard work everyone on the Bear team is doing to make the app so amazing and continually getting even better!


I would also love this -– @trix180 please count my vote :sunglasses:

But until then, you may use the Bear note below together with this Apple Shortcut:

  1. Download and install this Apple Shortcut: Save Bear Search
  2. Copy Markdown code below (use the copy code button!) and paste into new blank Bear note:
  3. To add new saved searches: follow the instructions here, and tap the link to run shortcut.
# Saved Searches
* [@unpinned](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=-@pinned)
* [@today](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@today)
* [@last3days](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@last3days)
* [@untitled](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@untitled)

- - -
## To add a new favorite search to top of list above:
1. Copy a Bear search term that works as intended
2. **Run**: [Save Bear Search](workflow://run-workflow?name=Save%20Bear%20Search)
   (_If **not** installed, download and install Apple Shortcut: [Save Bear Search](
3. New search link is now automatically added to top of this note :)

Keep this note pinned, and maybe also tag it: `#.shortcuts` that you also pin to be on top of tag list.

## Special Searches
* [Empty search](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=)
* [@tagged](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@tagged)
* [@untagged](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@untagged)
* [@today](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@today)
* [@yesterday](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@yesterday)
* [@last7days](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@last7days)
* [@last21days](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@last21days)
* [@images](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@images)
* [@files](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@files)
* [@attachments](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@attachments)
* [@task](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@task)
* [@todo](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@todo)
* [@done](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@done)
* [@code](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@code)
* [@title](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@title)
* [@locked](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@locked)
* [@pinned](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@pinned)
* [@unpinned](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=-@pinned)
* [@date\(\)](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@date%282021%29)
* [@cdate\(\)](bear://x-callback-url/search?term=@cdate%282021%29)

These Special Searches can be combined with any search term for more specific results. For example: `@images @todo “bear faq”` will search for all the notes that have images, uncompleted todos, **and** the exact phrase of bear faq.

Dates for @cdate **and** @date can be expressed in the ISO8601 format `@date(2018-12-23)` **or** according to your device’s local date format, for example `@date(12/23/2018)` in the U.S.A.

## Tags
* You can search for any `#tag`
* You can search for a `#tag` excluding its nested tags with `!#tags`
* Exclude a specific tag from search results with `-#tag`
* To search for subtags **only** search for `#*/tag`

  Pro Tip: Search for a tag, then create a new note with that tag already applied.
  Please Note: Double pound sign tags like numbers `#2021#` **or** dates `#10/04/2021#` also need to be wrapped in pound signs in the search field.

[How to search notes in Bear](
[How to search notes in Bear: Go beyond keywords](


Yes. This. It would go a very long way towards marking workspaces a reality too. :smiley:


Thanks for sharing, definitely the best option for now

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