[Feature Request] "Saved Searches"

Howdy Panda!

One feature I would like to see is saves searches. Since tags are so powerful, connecting tags together happens in Search as it does now, but saving searches would allow for a retained use of certain combinations.

For example:

  • I have notes with #travel, #Colorado, #Texas, #Washington.
  • I would like a saved search to always populate the search #travel #Washington which would then pull up those notes which contain both of those tags.
  • I currently use #travel/Washington but I want to link #Washington to other ideas besides #travel. These could be #restaurants, #parks, #family.

I hope this makes sense and also realize that this may take away from the simplicity of Bear, but thought I’d send it anyway. Thank you for reading!


I second this request for saved searches. I would love for a very robust search functionality in Bear, that would also help find the text easily within the notes, without having to search again.

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Hi there @Arbalest and @ces3001

Regarding saved searches, at the moment we don’t support this feature in Bear.

However, a workaround for this you can use in Bear is to store your searches in notes as XURL’s.

You can use the URL builder to generate the XURL here /search | X-Callback-URL API Actions Builder | Bear App

You can also display Bear notes via widgets. Therefore, you could display a master note that contains XURL search links.

More info on widgets here: How to use widgets with Bear | FAQ & Support | Bear App and here: Bear gets new widgets and ready for Big Sur There is a widget specifically for search.

Hoping this helps!