Some nested tags do not appear in autocomplete or the sidebar

Testing version: 2.0 10817

What were you doing:

  1. Attempting to enter a nested tag using autocomplete within a note.

  2. Looking for the nested tag in the sidebar.

  3. Manually searching for notes that I know had the tag pre beta.

What feature did you use:

  1. tag autocomplete in the editor.

  2. sidebar.

  3. search

What happened:

  1. The nested tag did not appear as a suggestion. Not all nested tags are effected.

  2. The nested tag is not listed in the sidebar.

  3. Despite being in bear and findable by scrolling or by searching other keywords, notes tagged with the nested tag do not appear when searching for the tag itself.

What did you expect to happen:

  1. The nested tag to appear as an option when typing part of its name.

  2. The nested tag to be listed in the sidebar.

  3. The notes tagged with the nested tag to appear in search results when the text of the tag is searched for.

This issue is strange as not all nested tags are effected. When I find a note that has the tag in the editor body and click or tap on the tag, nothing happens. On functioning tags, this would take me to a list of all notes featuring this tag.

I have only noticed the issue on a couple of nested tags because they are ones I use regularly. It may be that the issue affects top level tags, but I have not noticed any missing yet.

Hello and thank for reporting this issue.

Can you tell me more about the tag reporting this problem? Any changes compared to how the tag was before the migration? Do you have the issue also on other platforms or iOS only?

Hi there! Thank you for your reply.

This tag is a tag for a particular project. The tag is nested three levels deep, but other similar tags are unaffected. It is a multiword tag, and so ends with a closing ‘#’, but again, other multiword tags do not have this issue. I have found another tag under the same parent tag that has the same issues, so it is not limited to just one tag, however.

The issue wasn’t there before migration and I haven’t made any changes to the tag. The issue occurs across all platforms.