Group by Subtag inside Parent-Tags

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is it possible to add an option to group the notes within a parent tag (or maintag, or whatever you call it) by their sub-tags?
No idea how to describe it, so I have a small picture.


Two years ago I asked for the same feature that I knew from ulysses app. In the meantime I think that this feature is not a good idea for a certain reason: notes can have multiple tags so that the same would appear several times in the same article list.

If you want to see just the notes of the parent tag you can activate “hide subtags”. You will find that option inside the pop-up menu inside the articles list.


Maybe i just need to get used to the „tag only“ system.
Before i worked with Apple Notes and there i only used a strict folder structure.

Thank you for the input.

Actually bears nested tags are folders: by setting tags inside of the note you receive a tree view in the left pane like in apple notes. Maybe it helps you getting used by imagining that in bear folders like those one in apple notes and tags are merged into one view. The big advantage of bear is that the same note can reside at several places inside the tag tree.

I think the main difference between bears nested tag based and a folder based approach is NOT the result (the tree view) but the way HOW you build up this tree view. In apple notes you first have to create the empty folder and then you can place some notes in it. That gives you the opportunity to create a whole folder structure WITHOUT having written any note. In bear however you first have to tag a note to let the path of the tag appear in the left pane. But the result - as said - is anyway the same.

Once a tag exist you can create new notes like in apple notes. Let’s say you have the tag tag/subtag/subsubtag: when creating a new note AFTER selection of f.e. subsubtag this new note will automatically be selected with the selected note

Yeah thats how i use tags in bear now.
In Apple notes however, i had an overview which shows all subfolders That are included in the selected main folder.
That way i dont had to open the complete tree to get to the right folder.

In bear all notes of subtags are displayed in a flat structure. (When the option you mentioned is enabled)
That way i do have to Click every Little arrow of the tree to open the subtag.

To work around this limitation, I maintain a single “Master Tag Listing” Note. And every time I want a new tag, two levels deep, I add it in this note first. I keep them in alphabetical order so they are in the same order as in the actual tag list on the left column. Tags below the 2nd level of tags, I do not worry about in the Master Tag List. I’ve used this approach for years (in Bear 1.x too), and its worked well for me. I keep that note as a pinned note so it is always within reach.

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I had the same idea once and tried to implement it, but then I realized that it would have been tedious to maintain such a tag list. What’s more, I would have been annoyed if I had seen this one note in every article list. I’m glad it works well for you.

You get used to everything and so I learned to get used to it. The reward was all the benefits associated with Bear’s concept. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the future version of Panda

I can understand how that approach could be frustrating. It only works for those don’t add many new tags (like me).