Feature request: Configure font size

It would be really nice to have ability to configure font size.
Because on some monitors text looks a bit small.

As an option: it would be nice to manage font-size using shortcuts combinations Cmd + and Cmd -.

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Given we’ll be able to select any typeface we want I’d be amazed if we can’t change the size…

Few months later I just want to remind that it’s a critical usability issue that prevents me from enjoying the application :slight_smile: So please add it to some roadmap. Thanks!

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It would also be great if Bear remembered preferred Zoom setting from one note to the next or allow setting of a global default Zoom setting.

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This is the reason a lot of users who are willing but can’t even start testing Panda.
This is essential for the alpha version, not beta or release version.

I suppose no one on your team uses a 4K monitor. Try once and you’ll feel the pain.

I think the text is too smal on mobile phones.

Hi Folks,

we’ll try to add some typography preferences soon :slight_smile:


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The ability to change font size and line spacing was a key reason for my choosing Bear instead of Crafts or Notion for example. This feature is essential for older users like me with aging eyes.

Try this solution to change text size and font style: How I set up Panda for writing: text size, text style, version history