Feature request: make it possible to have *some* kind of bullet or indicator in the gutter

OK, given that, I’d like to make another request: Allow the Line Width setting to go all the way to the edges of the window. Currently, the widest you can go still leaves ~95px gutters on either side in Editor Only view.

If the quotes and bullets are moving inward, that means all the text on those lines is moving inward too. As I said said in my post about the line widths in Panda, I often compose in a way that specifically avoids text-wrapping in my bullets — and that’s very much dependent on how wide Line Width can be. If the bullets move inward by roughly the width of a [TAB], it’s going to result in thousands of lines all throughout my Bear notes becoming textwrapped when I deliberately wrote them juuuust short enough to not textwrap.

So if I can make text width a tad wider than it can be now — if I’m not stuck with those 3/4" gutters on either side — I’ll be able to fix that problem everywhere with a tiny click-and-drag in Settings, rather than having to spend hours (days?) editing probably 85% of my notes.