Indented bulleted lists: Hooray!

The formatting of bulleted lists and checkboxes in the current version of bear (essentially just paragraphs with indicators way out in the margin) has long driven me crazy. The new format with proper indentation looks great!


thank you for your enthusiasm, while I’m a fan of the current lists style we got a lot of users that didn’t like it, so we settled for a more “standard” formatting :slight_smile:


Seconded! I also LOVE the fact that nested bullets are now properly styled. Ahh…



For his I actually would prefer a global setting, whether alternating bullet points should be used or not.


Agree - love this feature. There were times when I switched over to Word or Pages just to get this feature :pensive: Now I won’t need to. Please keep this feature!

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Is it possible to set this formatting as an option/choice by the user. 99% of my documents, I create bullets and then go back an tab every bullet to move it inside the paragraph edge. Thanks for your consideration.

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Huge fan of indented bullets and sub-bullet styles, Thank you!

Just wanted to chime in here to say I hope this is made an option. I definitely understand why many users don’t like the bullets in the margin — it’s definitely non-standard — but margin bullets are one of the things I love most about Bear! I use them to draw attention to things I want to stand out. They’re like a little exclamation point in the margin that helps me find important things. Just as importantly, they give me extra characters on every line because the bullet isn’t taking up the first 5 characters worth of space!

If I want an indented, bulleted list, all I have to do is hit TAB — one extra keystroke per line. This is not an undue burden. (It amazing to me that some folks here say they’ve switched to other editors just because they have to hit TAB a few extra times in Bear.)

If suddenly Bear’s margin bullets disappear, it’s going to royally screw up not only hundreds of my Bear documents (it will create a lot of new textwrapping), but will force me to fundamentally change how I use Bear.

So please make this something users can turn on/off!

I’d also like to be able to choose to have the same style of bullet regardless of the level of indent. I hate solid bullet > hollow bullet > solid diamond > hollow diamond.


Agree w/ @Robio: Bullets in the margin is one – of several – things I :heart: about :bear:. It would also fuck up >100 of my notes for me. Not a dealbreaker, and if I’m thinking about the collective of usres, I’m not sure if it’s something that should be in prefs (which can get very complex very quickly, for a lot of users). Altho, that’s certainly something I’d want personally.


In another thread, I’ve suggested that since it’s not in the cards for gutter bullets an option, that it would be great if the Line Width setting could be taken all the way to the edges of the window, instead of leaving ~95px margins, even at full width. This wouldn’t make up for the lack of gutter bullets (which I use more as “margin notes” than for list-making), but at least it wouldn’t result in a bunch of unintended textwrapping.

Don’t know if that helps your situation, but it would save me many, many, many hours of having to re-edit a metric nut-ton of notes.

I’d also love to have the option to keep the bullets (and the quote indicators) in the margin. Though it might not be standard, it is one of the beautiful details of the current implementation, that helps to structure my notes.

Thank you for all your work.

Would like to continue along with the rest, Bear looks extremely neat by having the having Bullet points in the gutter. It does not conform with the “standard” way, but that’s why it looks good. If someone needs to indent it, they can always press tab, or maybe have a setting that toggles that?

People like me who uses tons of bullet points will have our notes completely misaligned. Its not a deal breaker, but something to consider

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I’m late to the game, but I just wanted to add my voice @matteo to say I am so sad about this in the beta. Bullets, quotes, etc being in the margin is one of the two things that drew me to Bear originally (along with the # org structure). It’s an elegant implementation that sets Bear apart.

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Grown to like the existing bullet location, provides just that little extra bit of space on the smaller iPhone screen. Maybe there could be a way to out-tab from the new default location.

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I’m here to say I love the new editor and the way you’ve distinctly styled and indented the bullets. It will keep me using Bear even more, especially with complex hierarchy notes, which I have a lot of.

Keep up the great work! Please keep the feature.


Just here to say that this change is great and I’m excited to have it in Bear BUT ALSO you should take your time and not feel pressured. You’re doing great.


Hi Alec,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a post for us. I can see that this was your first time posting here, so welcome to the community!

Glad to hear that you are excited, and thank you for the kind words!