Might be an issue with indenting a bulleted line

I can’t seem to get a bulleted line to indent without the bullet becoming an asterisk and the text becoming a code block. [I add a bullet, type a line of text then indent the line].

Subsequent lines indented work as expected as long the first bullet line remains at the left margin, not indented. aka—not sure what I am not doing right.

I read on one of these pages that Bear decided to use a more common approach to formatting lists and ordered lists which requires the first line to be fully left justified, or have not indent.

A. Boo
B. If that is the case then it should just not indent rather than transitioning to coded block

I can’t see this being agreeable to someone wanting to indenting the first line after a heading .

I don’t know why indented areas go to code blocks, but I know Obsidian does the same so I wonder if it’s a Markdown convention.


You’re not doing anything wrong, that’s just how Markdown works, anything indented by a tab or 4 spaces become a code block.

The first element of a list can never be indented, this might not sit well with some, but in our opinion having a standard format outweigh some small annoyances.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I’m fully on board with Bear moving toward the “standard” Markdown. I know I’ll have to adjust some of my notes, but I prefer going toward what is most used, similar to the == for highlighting :grin::+1:

Okay, so things to be lost from the Bear 1.x editor might be a good list (un-indented) to have along side a new editor features list.

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