Indenting text turns into line-length code block

Testing version: 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: typing a regular note

What feature did you use: tab to indent some text

What happened: the text that was indented turned into code text (without backticks surrounding it), with a code-box format to the end of the line.

This is now happening on every single note, existing or new, on any text that I indent (not including bullet/number lists).

What did you expect to happen: the text to just indent normally.


unfortunately this is part of the markdown standard, indented paragraphs turn in code blocks unless the have another non-empty paragraph before. I’m interested knowing if you had a purpose for that indented paragraph or you were just testing.

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Woah, that’s an interesting standard, I don’t quite understand the rationale behind it?

I guess tables solved most of my use-cases for indents without bullets. I was making pseudo-tables using tab stops to grid things out quickly. I think by habit, I still prefer having that option over a somewhat jarring code block from a simple indent.

I’m so stoked for tables though and will be using them anyway.

I think the idea was giving a quick way to add code lines but I agree it’s counter-intuitive.

Well, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who finds it strange.

I also just realized this will be problematic for anyone who follows the common standard to indent the first line of a paragraph in long-form writing (and also includes an extra line space between paragraphs).

Bear doesn’t need to strictly adhere to every part of the markdown standard, does it?

In the editor settings of bear 1 you can adjust the distance between two paragraphs. Therefore it is easier to do without the intending of the first line of a parahraph. At some point the editor settings will be available in bear 2

Not necessarily, but we need users’ feedback on this matter.

I use the markdown spec as implemented. I use the tab for code blocks. If I want a non-code block indent, then I’m usually indenting with two or three spaces (instead of four spaces), a block quote, or a list/ordered list.

Have you considered indentation settings for the editor in the preferences? IA Writer does this…I think?

Ulysses definetely has that option in its settings

That is an unexpected answer :wink: Generally i would say: why not! There are several issues with markdown standard, f.e. that tables are forced to start with a header or my issue with quotes.
If it makes sense it should be considered imo. But there must be a criterion NOT to break standards even if it would make sense, namely then things would break in terms of interoperabilty. I do not know how other editors are working in regard to code blocks written by ident, but let’s say bear would not interpret such an imported note anymore as codeblock due to its non-standard handling THEN the adoption to standard should be kept. Vice versa also it should be considered how other editors would interpret exported notes from bear. If there would not be a conflict i see no reason to adopt to standard as long as there is a real benefit to break (a little bit) the standard.

Testing out the ident code block I found another potential issue: long footnotes. According to this, tabs should allow for longer footnotes if used under a footnote. Bear 2 is creating code blocks.

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