Regression: Code block formatting broken in 3148

Testing version:

What happened:
Code blocks that use indentation are now no longer being rendered as code blocks. They’re simply shown as plain paragraphs.

What did you expect to happen:
Code blocks should still look like code blocks (build 3147 has the correct behaviour).

This was a major breaking change for me :frowning: I rely on the code blocks formatted through indentation to be rendering correctly in Panda as part of my daily work. I’ve had to roll back to 3147 to be able to continue work. I really hope this will get fixed rather than just saying “we don’t support code blocks via indentation”.

Panda uses the same editor as Bear, and for the Bear use case we decided to disable indented code as it is a less known feature of Markdown and it confused people. Fenced code blocks still remain.

Our Markdown parser is very flexible, and for Panda we could make other choices, or even make things configurable depending on what people find useful.

What is your use case? Are you using the Markdown files together with other tools? Would stricter standard compliance be valuable, or is it just indented code that you are missing?

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Yes, it’s specifically the indented code that I’m missing, not stricter compliance overall.

My specific use case is that I’m using a subset of Markdown for an interactive script/screenplay format that I have developed. The code blocks are used to demarcate places where there is scripting/code logic. Because of the frequency of these code blocks, it’s a non-starter to use the backticks instead of indentation, so wherever I’m at, I always need a Markdown editor that supports the indentation-formatted codeblocks (on Windows I use Typora).

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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