Copying text from code block copies the code block formatting

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing: Copying text from a code block and then pasting in a new line.

What feature did you use: Code block

What happened: Some lines copied the code block formatting.

What did you expect to happen: The lines should be text since there is not ``` around them.

I copied the text from within the code block and pasted it below in a new line. The indented lines still show the code block formatting.

Hi there,

Tab and 4 spaces are also alternative “standard Markdown” (per line) code block tags.

Example here in Bear Beta forum site with 4 leading spaces

Regular text

Leading Tab as code block line tag


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The thing is that Bear 2, unfortunately, doesn’t support nesting in footnotes, like iA Writer for example :frowning:

That’s how it works in MultiMarkdown editors (iA Writer, nvUltra, etc):

Yup, Bear 2 doesn’t support it. The note is for Github-flavoured Markdown footnote.

Ah, right. That makes sense now. Copying and pasting made me overlook that. I kept thinking I was somehow copying the formatting.