Tab/Indent feature not sticking

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: Tabing and trying to indent, make paragraphs.

What feature did you use: Not sure what the feature is called that highlights it like that.Can’t find it in Bear 2 or original Bear notes.

What happened/What did you expect to happen:

Tabs at the beginning of the line are interpreted as code blocks within the common mark syntax. You intend always used tabbed paragraphs you can check the typography preference.

I don’t get the first part

When I tab on the next line like this
and then type, it doesn’t tab, but jumps back to the beginning of the line.

Can you please make a quick video?

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thank you for responding. Hopefully this clarifies. I looking for paragraph indents to be an option for each paragraph within and document, not just a default for all of them.

This behavior is a way to manage some edge cases concerning tab indention in lists, and other markdown elements. for example, if you remove the list marker in this list

* first line
  second line

The expectations are to have this because the second line belongs to the list element.

first line
second line

There are other cases but this is particularly important because of how the markdown lists should behave while typing. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of removing the second line of the paragraph leading tab but we prefer to keep it as it is for not compromising the above.

Ok, that makes sense, thank you!

Would you be able to DM me with the Beta link for mobile if possible? I was only able to download on the computer when I started testing, but can now get it on my phone.