Intend text in a new line

Testing version:
Mac: 2.0 (11093)
iOS: 2.0 (11093)

What were you doing:
After a line with written text, I wanted to intend the text with the “tab” key but nothing happend.

What feature did you use:

What happened:
In the “second” line: Nothing.
But when I try it in the “first” line, it converts the line to some sort of code block.

What did you expect to happen:
When using the “tab” key it should intend the text.

Hello, this is part of commonMark specifications. Tabs at the beginning of the list turn the whole line into a code block. If you want indentation for your paragraphs I can suggest using the related editor preference.

Hi @trix180
Thanks for your answer, but I’m not sure if this is related to my bug.

  1. I didn’t intent to have a list. There a just some line of written text.
  2. I’m not able to intend the SECOND line of written text. Pressing “tab” nothing happens.

Oh, I see. Can you please check this issue with the last releases available in TestFlight?

Never mind I got it. This behavior is not intended but is, unfortunately, part of the spacing normalization we do to ensure a correct paragraph unlisting. We can eventually backtrack on this an loose some lists optimizations but at the moment we prefer to keep it as it is.

So it’s not possible to intend the second line.