Intending text (after removal of code block creation on tab) affects list before the text

Testing version:
2.0.4 macOS
What were you doing:
After a list i started with intending text
What feature did you use:
pressing tab key for intention (after removal of common mark standard to make a code block)
What happened:
after writing text and pressing once again tab key the list before is affected
What did you expect to happen:
list remains how it was

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In 2.07 the origin bug disappeared: the previous list is not affected anymore by intending text below it.

But they are two further flaws:

  1. When starting to intend text below the list, the width of intending is smaller than usual. So it is necessary to type two times “tab”-key to get where you want. That happens sometimes, sometimes not. Luckily I could capture it in the video

  2. After finishing the line with “enter”-key a new bullet list is started

Yes, I think this is a bug. We are working on a bigger update on how lists and indentation work, so I hope that will resolve this. Will have a further look when that is done.


Now fixed. Will be part of a future release.

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