Nested Todos Cannot Un-indent

Testing version:
Mac Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:
When creating nested Todos, after hitting enter to create a new line / todo, I cannot hit Shift + Tab to un-indent the indented todo.

What feature did you use:

What happened:
Hitting Shift + Tab doesn’t do anything. Instead, I need to click on the left of the todo box and delete the extra space.

What did you expect to happen:
I expected that hitting Shift + Tab would function like indented bullet lists, and would unindent the current line.


Try hitting „enter“ instead. That works BEFORE you have written any character

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Ah, that works. I didn’t realize the line needed to be empty. Not as ideal as the Shift + Tab functionality if there is content on the line, but this works well enough. Thanks!

In that regard it is not ideal but on the other side it is very convenient to create a structure of bullet lists by using just enter key

Yes, this is not how this is supposed to work and we are investigating the issue.