Indented todo behavior inconsistent with Bear

Testing version: Version 1.0 (2343)

What were you doing: indenting a todo

What feature did you use: keyboard

What happened: the todo formatting is lost

What did you expect to happen: the todo to indent (like it does on Bear)

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May I just ask;

  • Is this still occurring for you?
  • If so, could you update to the latest version of Panda, test again, and let us know if it is still occurring?
  • What device is it occurring on?
  • What system version is running on the device?
  • When you say keyboard, which button(s) are you selecting on the keyboard?
  • Would you be able to provide an example screen recording or screen shot of this occurring for investigation?

Let me expand on my (too) concise report.

  1. It is easier to indent/outdent in Bear using a keyboard
    In Bear you can tab anywhere inside a todo and an indent will be produced. Similarly for an outdent using shift-tab. However in Panda the cursor must be positioned to the left of the checkbox for a tab (or shift-tab) to be interpreted as an indent (outdent) command. This is the case for Mac or iPad with magic keyboard and is inconvenient.

  2. iPad with magic keyboard issue
    The on-screen toolbar to indent/outdent works as expected, but there is an issue with my iPad when I use an Apple Magic Keyboard case - the shift key seems to be ignored and so attempting to outdent a todo, actually indents the todo.

  3. Design difference - a good thing?
    There is also a design difference, which I believe is an improvement, to prevent indenting more than one level beyond the parent. This is enforced with the on-sreen toolbar in Panda on my iPad but not if tab is used from the Mac or iPad with magic keyboard to indent. In that case you can continue to indent, but the graphic checkbox is replaced with the markdown - [ ] after one level of indentation. By comparison, you can indent beyond one level past the parent and the checkbox still shows on screen in Bear.

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Thank you for the additional information.

Regarding any issues you are experiencing, could you please provide an example screen recording of it occurring for investigation?