List won't intend after Codeblock

As you can see as soon as code block is removed tab works fine again.

Here is my example markdown for this behavior:

# Euklidischer Algorithmus
* Klassisch
  * Idee
    * `a ≥ b -> ggT(a,b) = ggT(a-b,b)`
    * `b ≥ a -> ggT(a,b) = ggT(a,b-a)`
  * Pseudocode

function c = ggT(a,b)
if a>b then
c := ggT(a-b,b)
else if a<b then
c := ggT(a,b-a)
c := a
end if
return c
end function

* Modern	
* Idee
  * `a ≥ b -> ggT(a,b) = ggT(a mod b,b)`
  * `b ≥ a -> ggT(a,b) = ggT(a,b mod a)`
* Pseudocode

With Bear 2 we are following the standard more and lists should start without indentation. Child list items can be indented but only a level = father.level + 1. For example this is a valid list

* father
    * child

and this is not

    * father
        * child

* father here will also turn into code if is tabbed.

Ah, good to know and makes sense. Although it seems confusing to me why a tab should make it code?

I think it’s designed to give quick access to code blocks but I have to say I do share your confusion about tabbed code, mostly because it’s a “marker-less” styler.

I use the Tab code syntax extensively in Drafts as an alternative quote block, that I format differently from normal quotes on export to HTML with CSS.