Ability to turn off different styling of bullets in unordered lists

I find the different styling of bullets in unordered lists quite distracting – the indentation is enough for my taste. I realize this is probably very dependent on taste, so a preference would make sense here.



having a different styling for different indentation is very common and it was very requested, we usually try to avoid adding preferences as much as possible so it’s unlikely that this will be added.

Thank you for the feedback!

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I want to second this. One bullet style makes for a uniform presentation. Multiple styles is disunity. Different strokes for different folks, but let folks decide. This may be “very requested,” but that doesn’t mean most users want it. It means users who do want it have been vocal and users who like it the way it is (or don’t care) haven’t been presented with the opportunity to comment in equal measure.

“We usually try to avoid adding preferences as much as possible” is a good way to lose loyal users. Yes, Bear’s simplicity is one of its appeals. But it doesn’t make the app any less user-friendly to add a “Tweaks” panel to the Preferences that people can ignore if they want, but those who care about things like bullets can customize.

I think it’s silly to allow users to choose from ~20 themes but say “we usually try to avoid adding preferences” when users want the ability to choose something that actually affects the content they’re producing.

Don’t make the mistake of alienating users for the sake of (pointless) simplicity.

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Yes, exactly. You’ve said it much better than I have. I don’t see how a few customization options would be that big of a deal. These small annoyances really make for a bad experience when it could be avoided that easily. In fact, introducing a “customization” panel in the settings window for the Pro subscription would make sense as a feature.

I love the new version of bullets with varied styles by indentation. I’ve never requested it, but am thrilled it is here. And even when I am on the other side, I very much appreciate your bend towards simplicity so you can focus on core features. Thank you.