Likes and requests

Likes and requests

I appreciate the toggle folding function for headers and the table of contents. I’ve been looking forward to the auto-generated table of contents for a while! I also like that you can click a title and be directed to that section.

I like the new bullet options. However, I’d prefer if bulleted lists could start just a little bit more to the right… to better distinguish the heading that the bullet points fall under. Also, I’d recommend including other options to the ordered list, such as a, b, c.

I’d also like to suggest for the separator to divide sections in a new page. In other words, once you insert a separator, the following text will continue on a new page (visible when you export as PDF, for example).

The nested styles look wonderful. My only recommendation is to consider adding other highlighter color options.

In terms of images, I appreciate having the option to resize them. I don’t know if this is too much to ask, but I’d love to have the option to set all images in a note to be the same size. This would make notes look neater, in my opinion. Side-by-side pictures would also be a great addition.

I believe some people mentioned this already, but something that would be truly useful is for Bear to embed previews of documents attached to a note.

Last, but not least, please keep the “Float on top” option! It’s one of the main reasons I use Bear and has made my student life so much easier. Plus, it’s hard to find that type of function in other apps or programs.

Thank you! Keep up the good work!

PS: Can’t wait for this update to be released!

Hi Camila,

Wow! Thank you for all the feedback, and for giving Panda a go.

Glad to hear that you like the folding feature, the table of contents feature, the new bullet options, the nested styles and the float on top option we have.

Thank you for your feedback on the bulleted lists/ordered lists, the suggestion of the separator and the additional highlighter colours, i’ll pass these onto the development and design team to consider when moving forward.

Regarding the images suggestion, you may be in the minority for wanting the option to set all images in a note to be the same size, as this is already available in Bear and not all users were happy with this option.

We wanted to improve the resize options that we had in Bear, as we only had the two (original and thumbnail) and understood that that could be limiting.

Now with Panda, you have more flexibility with the sizing options. The options also are more customisable, working on an image at a time, allowing you to have multiple different sizes for different images, instead of one style for all images in all notes.

This seems to be well received by the community. But i’ll still note your comments on this.

Regarding the side-by-side option for images, this is possible when images are resized to the smallest option available. When resized to the smallest option, two images can be placed side-by-side (iOS) and up to three for macOS.

Link previews are available for Panda, see here: Panda release note 1.0(1949) and a Sneak peak of PDF previews - Feedback needed can be seen over there.

Re: the float on top option, we’ve no plans to amend this at the moment, and we’re glad you like it!

Thanks again for all the feedback, wishing you a Beary nice day!

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Thank you for taking my feedback into consideration!

I totally support the option to resize images. My concern was more about being able to set a particular image to the same size as another one, but I’ve now seen that Panda allows you to do that with ease.

Thank you once again. :smiley:

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That is a good request. I support that

Thank you for the feedback Chris. I’ll add your vote to this request.

Just following on from this thread of likes and dislikes… I much prefer the text editing features of Panda particularly bullet points as I normally write my notes in bullet points. The option to resize images is also very helpful. The one thing I miss however is the tags and ability to organise notes using the tag system with the toolbar to the left. I find this really helpful when sub-sectioning my notes. In addition to that, I love the idea of creating a separator to divide pages within notes - I think this would be super helpful! My final comment, which is more to do with bear but could be adopted for Panda is the ordering system of tags. I’m not sure if this has been raised before but I like to have my notes ordered in a certain way, not by when they were most recently edited. I know you can pin notes to the top but this is not super helpful always. What would be easier would be to have the ability to drag and drop your notes in order to modify the order. That way you can jump between editing notes without messing up the organisation or ordering of your notes.


Hi Lauren,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, we appreciate all the feedback we receive!

We’re glad to hear that you like the resize option as this (along with all of Panda’s other features) will be added to Bear when they merge.

Regarding the tagging system, for now, Panda really is just the Editor from Bear—no sidebar, no tag library. It’s as if we pulled the Editor out of Bear so we could focus on all the improvements we have in store for it.

All of Bear’s elements (like the tagging system) will still be there when Bear and Panda merge!

Regarding note sorting in Bear, manual sorting is not supported. It has been requested by other users, therefore i’ll add your vote to this!

Currently, if you’d like to change the way your notes are sorted, there are some different options. To access these, simply go to: Bear > Preferences > General > ‘Notes List Sorting’ > Change as desired. See demo here:

You can also rearrange the way tags are sorted by going to Bear > Preferences > General > Tags List Sorting and change as desired. See demo here:

Hoping this helps for now!

Can you also add my vote? :wink:

No problem Chris, vote added!

I’d like my vote added, too, if you can. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: