Feedback on Bear to Panda Change

Hey guys! For the most part, I love what Panda adds. I especially love the nested styles in headers. That will be awesome.

I have some concerns for when the update hits as I think it’s going to mess with my notes. I keep notations on various pieces of literature that at the moment utilizes numbered lists, but broken lists, like this:


Those numbers represent lines in the literature, and thus notes on that particular line. When I copy+paste from a note in Bear to Panda, all those gets screwy and requires playing around with to get just right. Since I have more than 3000 notes with stuff like this in it, I’m worried the update is going to cause me a lot of time to fix.

Bear allow me to indent the first row of numbered/bulleted lists. Panda does not. So again, nearly every note I’ve created will have to be updated to match Panda. I would love the ability to indent in Panda (especially for block quotes). I think Bear/Panda is designed more with blogging in mind than with note taking. Not a deal break, just a desire.

When copied and pasted from Bear into Panda, italics are not staying there. I’m hoping the update automatically catches and updates the markdown for italics.

When copied and pasted, numbered and bulleted lists aren’t always converting correctly. Hoping that will be automatically caught.

Otherwise, I think this is a great update! I love the nested styles. Putting links in headers will be awesome. Thank you!

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