Bear Note Markup Display Differently in Panda

Hey hey,

I’ve mentioned this before, but slightly different angle on the same problem here.

I have the same note in Bear and in Panda. In Bear it renders correctly, but in Panda the tags become part of the header:

I understand this is due to the more to common mark, which leads to a couple of questions:

  1. Will Panda automatically convert my Bear notes to work correctly with common mark? There are a couple of differences, between the syntax bear uses and the new one. Specifically with regards to the headings, will Bear handle this? Most of my notes have that format, (header, tag, line), and while I can fix it by going back through all my nodes and using the separator keyboard shortcut rather than markdown syntax to fix it, that’s going to be pretty tedious.

  2. At the risk of beating the proverbial dead horse, while the tag picking up the header formatting is consistent with common mark it seems to run contrary user expectations, as the multiple threads on the issue reflect. I know @TedwardBear has said that that’s pretty much how it is, but thought I’d have one last kvetch about it as it still feels like a regression to me. It also seem off that there is a difference between typing a separator and using the shortcut.

Anyways, main question really is, how will Panda translate the markdown from Bear to Panda? I’d been assuming things would convert automagically, but this concerned me a bit.



Hi Julian,

To answer the above;

  1. Yes, notes will be converted automatically.

  2. I consulted the development team regarding this and have been informed that Bear will handle that case gracefully! :slight_smile:

Hoping this helps, but if you’ve any further questions let me know!