Markdown syntax changes

I noticed on the new panda editor that highlighting changed from :: test :: to == test ==.

2 questions:

Are there other syntax changes for longtime bear users we should know about?

When actual Bear moves to the new editor will all our old notes lose highlights?

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Italics and bold have changed from *Bold* and /Italics/ to **Bold** and *Italics* as well.

Hello @Timbo3344, and welcome to the Feedback Group!

With this new editor we retire our Polar markup language, in favor of a standard version of markdown know as CommonMark (

CommonMark, as the original markdown, does not support highlighting, so many standards were born; we made some research and discovered that the currently most used one was the one with == marker, so we’ve decided to move in that direction.

Said that - when the editor will be inserted inside Bear - all the notes will be automatically translated to the new syntax, so you will not be losing any previous formatting.

Thanks! I didn’t notice the Highlighting on the commonmark page, so I wondered if there are other syntax changes from Polar we should know about?

Actually a lot of them; polar will be dismissed, so everything will be translated to Markdown:

  • Italic will be *text* instead of /text/
  • Bold will be **text** instead of *text*
  • Underline will be ~text~ instead of _text_
  • Strikethrough will be ~~text~~ instead of -text-

All those will be automatically translated the first time you will open Bear 2.0

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All those you mentioned I’m already using with Markdown compatibility turned on. Does that mean in Bear 2.0 everything I already have as * italics * will be switched to Bold?

Or is there a third wrench in the plan of using markdown capability because that new highlight one does not work in 1.0 in compatibility mode so will need that switched when 2.0 comes

In Bear 2.0 all the currently supported markers (of both the Markdown Compatibility Mode and Polar modes) will be automatically translated to the new ones (CommonMark).

So you don’t have to worry for the markers already available in Bear 1.0, and the notes will look the same as they look now (even if the markers will be automatically changed, when needed).

Whether the new version supports standard outer chain pictures ![](), and whether I can automatically transfer them to Bear when I insert the outer chain.

I also want to export markdown with standard syntax.