Switching from Polar (Bear 1) to Commonmark (Bear 2)

I personally did not use Polar during the Bear 1 phase, but I occasionally have bumped into some posts about people having weird output as they switch to Bear 2 and don’t know why. It clearly seems to be because they have been using Polar and I think this needs some addressing. Especially because many of them does not seem to be deep into the technicality of Bear knowing the nitty gritty of what is Polar and that standard markdown format was turned off by default when they downloaded Bear 1.

Since Bear 2 is now at official launch and we cannot revert back to Bear 1 I am not sure how this can be fixed but hopefully the team come up with some solution. Especially for those who updated the app because an update exists, not much knowing it is changing quite a lot of the groundwork.

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@Eleanor: The voice of reason. Sound very sensible.