Separators in Bear are now headings in Panda

Testing version: Version 1.0 (377)

What were you doing: Importing notes from Bear that use separators

What feature did you use: Separators (horizontal rules)

What happened: Panda unexpectedly formatted text as headings

What did you expect to happen: I expected Bear and Panda to interpret Markdown (mostly) the same way

  1. It looks like Panda has changed the underlying text inserted when using separators from --- to - - -
  2. I’m guessing that’s a workaround because Panda adds support for setext-style markdown headers (maybe not intentionally but from the libraries it uses)

So now my old Bear notes that use Bear-inserted separators are now interpreted as h2s in Panda. Panda’s way is probably more correct, but I do have lots of horizontal rules in Bear notes.

I feel like some kind of mitigation for this breaking change should be planned for. Maybe offer to convert all Bear 1.7 separators to the new Bear 2.0 format on update. Or maybe check the note creation date and continue to render the three-hyphen pattern as separators if likely created in Bear pre-2.0

You’re correct, with the switch to a more standard Markdown implementation (Cmark + GFM) some inconsistencies could happens between the old and the new editor.

Our plan is to “convert” your notes to the new version of Markdown when we’ll release the new editor.

We’ll probably release an external tool during the alpha to test the conversion, so you can check all yours notes before committing to it.


It also no longer treats *** on its own as a separator. This is defined in the Markdown spec and is the behavior in MMD as well. I’d really miss this, even if the * * * works. I can see why the behavior change is specified for triple dashes to behave as setext-style headers, but not for the asterisks.

I’ve explained why here -> `***` not always turning into a separator

We’re trying to find a better solution, but for now this is it :smiley: