`***` not always turning into a separator

Testing version: Version 1.0 (377)
What feature did you use: Separators (<hr>)

Panda doesn’t format *** as a separator unless you type a space afterward (so “*** ”). The other valid separator characters (---, ___) are formatted as a separator immediately after typing the third character, but with asterisks no transformation happens unless you either A) type an additional space, or B) type a 4th and 5th asterisk (*****)

Hitting return doesn’t cause the separator either, you’re left with three raw asterisks.

Current Bear creates a separator immediately after typing the third asterisk.

Many people like to write bold or italic by putting all the * before writing the text, but this was problematic because Bear changed those into a separator, now *** and **** are not replaced with separator in the editor to allow easier editing.

You can use any other variation for making a separator :slight_smile:

I can understand this tweak. I can get used to adding a trailing space, especially as even hitting ⌘B on an empty line would, by virtue of putting in four asterisks, create a separator.

You could also put spaces between asterisks, like this: * * *. I like to use this syntax in pandoc markdown and I’m pleasantly surprised that this now works in the new editor. I’d prefer this way to the suggested option of adding trailing space since I’m not a fan of trailing whitespace having any significance at all.