Invoking bold after a bullet point causes Bear to create a separator line

Testing version: v1.0 (362)

What were you doing: Enter a bullet point then activate bold text (eg: *, space, cmd+B/bold menu item)

What feature did you use: A bullet point and bold type

What happened: Despite the space after the asterisk, Bear interprets the above sequence as five asterisks and so automatically creates a separator.

What did you expect to happen: I want Bear to realise I’ve intentionally created a bullet point and now want to write something in bold type

This issue continues in Panda v1.0 (1208)

What was I doing: Using the welcome note to test new features I attempted to make add bold text into an unsorted list (bullet list).

What feature did you use: An unsorted list and the bold Markdown **.

What happened: Panda interprets this as a line separator. I assume it sees *** when it should be a bullet point THEN **.

What did you expect to happen: I expected to make the first word of the bullet point list a bold word.