Problems with headers created via underlining

I just discovered that Panda now supports level 1 and 2 headers created via underlining like this:

Header 1

Header 2

I love this option as it enables a bit of a graphical differentiation but I discovered it acts inconsistent in some ways:

  1. headers created that way cannot be folded
  2. when clicking on the line below the text, it doesn’t convert back into individual characters

Hello and sorry for the late response,

We have removed the Setext headers in Bear 2 because they caused unexpected results when a separator is right below a paragraphs. I’m currently unsure they will be supported in Panda, but can you please tell me more about point 2.?

Point 2 is unrelated to headers, it’s a general problem with separators. What should happen is that if I navigate to the line with the separator via clicking or moving the cursor, it should turn back into individual characters, i.e., “—” in case I want to edit it. (E.g., I may have tried to create an em-dash but pressed “-” an extra time or something like that.) This currently doesn’t happen which is inconsistent with how the rest of the formatting behaves.

BTW: any reason why you removed support for “***” as a separator?

Thanks. Yes, might be a little inconsistent with how markdown hiding works in the rest of the app but is also pretty tedious having to delete all the characters to remove the separator, so we decided to keep how Bear 1 behaved for this matter. Mind this works for a lot of text attachments such as headers, todos, list, …

BTW: any reason why you removed support for “***” as a separator?

Yes, if you start the paragraph by hitting bold it turns into a separator. Unfortunately it’s a pretty common issue of Bear 1.

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