Tags formatted incorrectly when followed by a separator line

Testing version:
Version 1.0 (2595) for Mac

What were you doing:
Adding a separator between the top of the note and the body. I usually keep tags at the top of a note, separated from the body of a note using a horizontal rule / separator

What feature did you use:
I typed in a tag, and then below it added a separator line.

What happened:
The tag suddenly assumed the size and format of the header. rather than the default tag text size and format.

What did you expect to happen:
Tag size should remain the same, as it does in Bear. The file format in both cases is markdown (.md extension). In panda, the tag gets formatted as if it were a header, rather than a tag. I’ve included screenshots to show the difference.

In Panda:

In Bear:

I realize this might be expected behavior due to the switch to CommonMark, but it seemed worth reporting, just in case. Bear’s behavior seems preferable to me.

Hi theusefulmonk. I also ran into this when I started using Panda, but was later pointed to a site that shows this as expected behavior. From what I gather, Panda is more aligned with Markdown than in Bear 1.x based on their latest update note:

“Our official switch to CommonMark for markup…”

An alternate method for making titles with === and — directly under the line. Here is the website… look under “Alternate Syntax”: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

I hope that helps!

Hello there!

With the new editor we’re trying to keep it 100% Markdown compatible, with CommonMark placing a separator directly below text is an alternate way to make a heading!

This question was brought up before on the forum and some more insight from a dev can be found here: Adding a separator makes the text as big as H2

Hoping this helps!