Tag "split" when exceeding line width

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10084)

What were you doing: Inserting several tags at the end of a note

What feature did you use: Tags

What happened: One of the tags got split by line break in middle of the tag

What did you expect to happen: That the tag exceeding line width would in its completeness be moved to the next line (like in Bear).

Result in Bear 2

Result in Bear


While I not believe that this is a bug I must admit that I prefer the display in bear 1

You might be right. But Bear not only being extremely powerful in its simplicity, but also in its design, it would seem strange to me if breaking a tag like that is intentional.

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Sorry for the late update on this but yes, how tags split between lines will be improved based on Bear 1 behavior: Tags will be split only if the whole tag doesn’t fit the current column width and will be split into honoring the subtags separation (if possible).


#thisisaverylongtagbelieveme #whydontyoubelivethisisalongtag

will show on separate lines



(assuming it won’t fit the column)


A very long tag without subtags will split as it does today


Thanks for reporting this glitch.