Multiline table with no space at the end of tag bug

Testing version: Mac Version 1.0 (2952)

What were you doing: Writing a table

What feature did you use: tags and table

  • multiline

What happened:

I use multiline feature with only one column one row to record the data of a book.
As above, the highlighting of the tag does not ends where the tag ends and extends to the first word of the next line.

  • there is no space between the last tag and the word ‘published’, only enter.
| Author: [[Alex Michaelides]]<br>Tags: #1/Modern #1/Thriller #1/Mystery #1/Psychology<br>Published: 2019 |

What did you expect to happen:

Adding a space between last tag and <br> should solve it:

#1/Psychology <br>


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Issue yet fixed

workaround: put a space after the tag or insert <br>