Multiline Cells in Tables

Big fan of Bear, here to give some feedback to help you guys.

Is it possible to have multiline text on table cells? Right now, when I’m typing and hit enter, it goes to the next cell. Is there a trick that I don’t know?

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Howdy Feramorz,

I’ll let the Bear team be the final say, but I tried to see if this was possible as well.

In Markdown tables, this is done with the <br> command (and I’ve seen other implementations as well). However, I tried it and so far Panda doesn’t support multiple lines in a table.

In the screenshot I show the <br> command in the table and the rendered output.

If there’s a standard behaviour that will get (eventually) implemented, I’m happy to use that.

But to me, it seems that Enter key should be the new line, as in a text editor it feels more natural. On iOS, my intuition to switch cells would be either by tapping them or using the custom keyboard with arrow buttons.

On Mac, I’d probably prefer the Tab and Shift + Tab, or maybe Cmd/Option + Arrows.

I’m a bullet point kinda person, so when I’m taking notes each line is short but I have multiple lines. My intuition is to expect that behaviour to continue.

Hope this helps.

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I have found that if you copy and paste a list into the cell, then it keeps the multi-line format, but obviously this is not very convenient.


At the moment Panda doesn’t supports multiline cells, but as @Arbalest said we could use the <br> trick. I’ll talk about this to the team, and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:


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Thanks, @matteo. May I also suggest a button on the custom keyboard for the
tag? It’s a bit tedious to do it on ios keyboards.

The idea would be to use the enter key to create newlines and we’ll convert those to <br> inside the “real” text.

We don’t really want to show the <br> inside the table, as that’s not pretty.

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