Panda Tables Bug (With fix!)

Testing version: 1.0 (415)

What were you doing: Making a table of a list of all my apps

What feature did you use: Tables

What happened: I finished a table, clicked to the right of the table, and hit enter. Instead of making a new line as normally, the whole table snapped into markdown text (Using the vertical bar “|” ) and lost the table formatting UI. I made several tables before this one, and this was the only one with this issue.

What did you expect to happen: I intended to make a new line and type after the table, however, the table formatting broke and this table turned into markdown.’

FIX: After some testing I realized that one cell in the table had a typed out :expressionless: face at the end, which I typed. I deleted it, and the text snapped back into proper table formatting. I think Panda assumed that the colon or the vertical bar of the :expressionless: face was the closing markdown for the table, and confused it, which broke the whole table! I wonder if there’s a way for bear to ignore the standard type smileys a la :slight_smile: :smiley: :expressionless: . I used an emoji instead and it worked perfectly. I can screen record this if needed! Thanks for making an awesome app guys!

Hello there!

Using | inside a table will indeed break it. I’m still unsure what’s the best way to solve this, maybe we can auto-escape those with \ when you try to type it :thinking:

I’ve added this to my bug list :smiley: