Tables with pipe symbol in a cell break when reloading Bear

Version 2.0 (9969):

building a table:

the table building feature:

if a table cell has a pipe charactert in it, when Bear reloads the table, the table is broken:

That the table wouldn’t break:

Create a table

| aaaa | bbbb | cccc |
| ---- | ---- | ---- |
| aa | bbb | ccc |

Table created. Now add a pipe - ‘|’ symbol into one of the cells, quite Bear and restart. The table is broken,

I get why this would happen but there should be some kind of warning, or have the character escaped when it’s entered.

This alos highlights a problem with pasting tables. Basically you can’t. I can think of all sorts of reasons why this might be wanted but specifically, in the case outlined above, I can’t recover the (long) table by symply pasting the markdown into the page. I have to copy and paste each cell by hand.

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yes, we can do better with the | parsing inside of Tables. We’ll add this to future updates.

Thanks for reporting this.

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I encountered this issue when I tried to link a note with custom name inside a table cell.

[[note]] works fine
[[note|my note] breakes the table

You don’t need to restart, just switch to other note and back.

Here is how it looks:

While editing


While inside note


Switched to other note and back