Table breaks when copying a cell that contains a line break

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:
I copied a Notion table into bear. Some of its cells include a line break.

What feature did you use:

What happened:
The table was rendered properly until the row of the cell containing a line break. After that, the remaining rows were just displayed as plain text.

What did you expect to happen:
I expected Bear to render table cells with line breaks as usual.

Markdown tables don’t support “real” line breaks we convert those into invisible
tags inside the cells. Apparently, Notion doesn’t do that and generates invalid md tables on copy, here is an example

| Here are the
basics: | sada |
| --- | --- |
| sdsd | sds |
|  |  |

the same table in Bear looks like this

| Here are the<br>basics: | sada |
| sdsd                    | sds  |
|                         |      |

Well, that makes sense. I guess this isn’t a real bug then.