Use Return in table cells cause table broken and app quit unexceptedly

Testing version: Version 1.0 (469)

What were you doing: 1. create a table, type some letters, use ctrl+option+return to return in a cell, the table still looks good. But if I copy it and paste it again, the app quit. Also if I want to move the cursor out of the table, I click at the right of the table, there will be a big cursor at the right of the table, and then if I use the return key, the whole table will break into original markdown.

What feature did you use: table

What happened: I “return” on my keyboard, and the table broke, so I try to copy it and paste it, then app quit.

What did you expect to happen: Continue to writing after the table I created.

I met the same problem.

This seem to be a different problem from above.
The tables does not work in indented situations, so you have to enter an empty line above to exit the list mode then you would be set.


Both problems are connected to the limitations of markdown tables when comes to handle newlines. We intend to provide a solution for this and so far the best one seems to replace newlines with (invisible) <br> tags in the source text. The <br> solution allows to have valid MD tables and displaying new as they are supposed to inside the tables.