My feedback about Panda

Thanks for this new editor. It’s awesome.

My feedback in no specific order:

  1. Why Cmd+Ctrl+E for footnote? Doesn’t “F” key make more sense?
  2. Why is it not possible to type multi-line text inside table cells?
  3. It would be better to allow footnote to be multi-line.
  4. The toolbar at the top: I assume it will be hidden and embedded inside the pen icon on the bottom right of the Bear window. because it is completely against the “minimal” look and feel of Bear.
  5. Why there is no option to see images as thmbnail or double click to see them in actual size?
  6. I noticed some weird cursor movement when typing. This happened when I was near an image. And I managed to reproduce it (see image attached below). When I put cursor after “tables::” in green color and press “Enter” key, the cursor jumps to above the picture (after “;dd”).


here some answers:

  1. “F” is reserved for the search commands
  2. Markdown doesn’t support multi-line cells in tables
  3. You can already use multi-line footnotes, but we’re working a lot on those, so expect heavy changes soon
  4. The Toolbar is not part of the editor, is just here to help people test
  5. Because we still haven’t done it :smiley:
  6. Bug! We’ll look into that

Thanks for the feedback!

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