My first impressions

Bear alpha editor feedback

Panda build 1.0 (415)

  1. Tables are excellent. Very intuitive to use in terms of adding columns and rows. Keystrokes assigned to all the major actions. Outputs perfect markdown (as tested in Marked2)
  2. Undo command working well :slight_smile:
  3. All the types of Lists working well
  4. Footnotes do not appear to be working correctly:
    1. Not appearing at the footer of the page
    2. Not numbered
    3. Not displaying any text
  5. Images: Would be nice to have some basic editing tools for the Image, e.g. crop, rotate, etc
  6. LOVE the “Revert to” options. Especially incorporating time machine in “browse all versions”. Being a MS Word user my wife was amazed when she saw this. Can’t recall this being in the current and apologies if it is.
  7. Great job guys, keep it coming!


Thanks a bunch for the feedback :slight_smile:

Footnotes are working correctly, but it’s not what people are expecting, so we’re probably going to redo those from scratch.

Image editing is a bit out of the scope for the app, but we’ll try to consider that.

Thanks again!