Tables Feedback

Loving the new Beta!

A few points:

  • dark mode didn’t invert the table colors (macOS10.15.4)
  • cursor before / after a table is visually cut off by the table (table also has a square footprint, despite the rounded corners)
  • the footnote asterisks look a little big, and (aesthetically) would expect the star to point up, not to the right?
  • is there plans for numbered / auto numbering footnotes?
  • will there be a footer section where all the footnotes are collected (e.g. wikipedia references style)

I’m not sure if this is Panda only , but I love using Bear on local .md documents. If that could be incorporated into Mac (and iPad?) versions, that would be be great!



I was just thinking myself how Panda is a cute little standalone markdown editor.