Frustrated... Tables... Limited usability

I am giving up on Panda! Or at least about ready to give up. I exclusively us Tables in Panda. But the problems are:
a) Cannot sort
b) Cannot select a row
c) Cannot resize a column or row width
d) Adding rows is not automatic, meaning when I tab at the end of a row a new row should be created
e) Cannot search for text
f) The Table size is not the same as the application window size and cannot be resized to fit
g) Cannot select a Column to move/re-order the column, yes I can move a column, but one place to the right/left at a time, Ugh! Really?

Anyway, Panda started out to be a great idea and feature, but Tables have not evolved quickly enough.

What is a user to do?


Might I suggest….

This is less of a Panda problem than it is a Markdown problem. Tables are (imo) ubiquitously horrendous in Markdown and honestly Panda should be praised for making the best of it. Try copy and pasting a table from Panda in plain text somewhere else to see what I mean.

I guess I would just like to chime in and say… Despite Markdown’s massive disadvantage when it comes to tables, please please keep Panda/Bear Markdown-based…

The best possible solution I have to offer is something I’ve thought about for a good while now: Shiny Frog/Bear should create their own Markdown fork. That’s probably a topic for another thread that I don’t have the energy to start right now, though. lol


Thanks for the input and clarification. I am not a Markdown user (actually have no idea how is works). I use Bear and then Panda Beta. If all of issue a Markdown limitations, guess I’ll change to some other app and abandon Panda. Bear is good, but the limitation there are starting to hit a wall too. Ugh.

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Dang… Well that’s disappointing news. I 100% understand the desire to not have to learn a new format. To be honest, in the (5+??) years I’ve been a Bear customer, now, I don’t think I’ve ever taken it out of “Markdown Compatibility Mode,” so please don’t abandon it just yet! Especially in case I’ve misled you because of that bias!

None of those points except for maybe resizing are Markdown limitations.

Nothing is stopping bear from sorting the table. Or moving rows. It already does a similar thing with ordered lists: It automatically generates numbers which isn’t part of the md-Spec.

Hi there,

Regarding possibly giving up, we are sorry to hear that, but we thank you for at least giving Panda a go, and for providing your feedback. We understand if it’s not for you and that’s ok!

Regarding tables, some of these things (e.g. resizing) is more of a Markdown limitation, and as Bear is a Markdown app, we would need to respect these limitations.

However, there are alternative ways to do things, for example for your point d), you could actually use Command + Enter in Panda instead to achieve this.

For point e), this is something we’re looking into and are working on to improve our overall search experience.

Regarding the rest of the points, thank you for sharing them. I’ll pass them over to the development team to get their opinions on them.

Having read the posts on table header formatting, I am also not a fan of the automatic treatment of the first row as a header.

This is just a note to point out that if you go down the normally formatted header route, it would be really useful to add the functionality to select an entire row (or column) for formatting.

(Personally I’m not particularly bothered by the MD auto-formatting, given that you barely notice the boldface in any case :wink:)

Hi Rock,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a post here. I can see that this is your first time posting on this forum, so welcome to the community!

I’ll pass your comment onto the team :slight_smile: