Feedback & markdown visibility


First thanks for your great work and letting your community being involved in the process.
The new editor is a great leap forward, I really love the intended bullet lists and footnotes. Tables would be perfect with the ability to add images but I saw on another post that you’re working on it.

My only concern is the ability to hide markdown, yeah I’m sorry to bring back this over discussed topic but since you linked the possibility to have this feature with the new editor I have to confess I’ve been very disappointed to not see it happen, especially since you added nesting styles, a welcomed feature but adding a real visual mess when reading a note.

I know your usual answer “it’s a popular user request. Therefore, I will add your vote to this! :bear:” but despite adding my vote, could you tell me (us) if you’re working on it, if it’s still on your roadmap ? I would totally understand if not, not all apps are for made everybody.



I fully agree with @diaph. I use bear for taking all my daily notes and I appreciate the easiness of taking the notes in markdown. However, when I leave the editor, I expect my notes to look good and to be easily read. So hiding the markdown syntax as soon as one leaves the editor mode would be very welcomed.
I hope you have not removed that feature from your roadmap, because with that feature I (and I guess many users) would love Bear even more.

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I will add my voice to this. Bear is a beautiful app, and it’s mostly a personal referencing tool for all my ideas. I like to review my notes within the app (I even bought a new iPad because the iOS is gorgeous). So for me, the ability to hide the markdown wouldn’t be a secondary feature, it would be fundamental to the ability to enjoy and re-read my notes.

Hello folks!

I just want to confirm that this is on our list, we’re discussing a lot on how to add this to the app, but it’ll will come during the alpha.

You will have time to try it and we’ll use your feedback to polish it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback Matteo, it’s really awesome news and I can’t wait to see it live.

Amazing, thank you Matteo! Can’t wait!

If there will be more of a visual editor, I would really like to see the markdown editor be more transparent and hide fewer things. I want to see the contents of the URL and the hashes for the heading levels.

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With Panda, now that we have a way to show markdown or not I’d strongly prefer that when Auto Hide Markdown setting is off that you show ALL of the markdown. Personally I strongly prefer the way that iA Writer does it, where you can always see all of the markdown characters. I’m to this day a bit frustrated that Bear hides so much of it from me (the headings in particular, tho the numbers help somewhat).

I think your user base can probably be divided in two: those who want markdown to be invisible and those who want to very much to be visible. I think the visible mode ought to truly show all the characters.

I agree with Torb. I want to see the markdown. Bear is awesome and writing in markdown is awesome. And part of that is being able to see it. I do like being able to hide it in a preview of what the printed or exported document would look like.

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