Great job in my opinion

Hi. I’m a long long time Bear user, but I didn’t know about this new editor until today. And I like almost everything of it: the TOC, the links creator, the tables (they are neat!), the bullets not being outside to the left of the text, the markdown characters hiding when you don’t need them anymore…
I don’t find footnotes so useful, however. I don’t think I’d use them.
I give my vote to the integration of latex rendering for math formulas.
And, finally, it would be great having some kind of ability to manage data in tables: sorting, filtering, counting…
Thanks a lot for your effort. I haven’t found any bugs till now. Cheers from Spain.

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Hi there Carlos,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a post. I can see that this is your first timing posting on here, so welcome to the community!

We’re glad to hear that you like so much about the new Editor. Regarding LaTeX, currently we don’t have any future plans for it. However, we do have plans for MathJax!

Regarding the table management features mentioned, this is currently a Markdown limitation. But I’ll pass on the feedback to the team to see if there’s any workarounds for it.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave us a post, hoping you’ve a lovely day! :slight_smile: