Shortcuts line spacing

Testing version: 11657

What were you doing: Shortcuts adding text

What feature did you use: Same

What happened: Shortcut to Add text to Note if there is a tag at the bottom each time text is added “at the end” it adds extra line space but if there is not a tag then there is not space. I also tested with putting tag at the top and it works fine. So, it seems there is something with adding text at the end but before a tag.

I also tested with adding text “at the start” with and without a tag and it works as expected with no extra spacing.

I have also verified there is no extra spacing in the Text window. Also tested with putting text directly in the Add Note function but same result.

What did you expect to happen: to not add extra spacing regardless if there is a tag

Below screenshots are after running the shortcut 3 times for each test to get the 3 separate lines.

Screenshot with tag

Screenshot without tag

Screenshot of part of the shortcut