Tag not formatted when inserted after a soft break after a heading

Testing version:
Latest version 1.0 (2952) on mac

What were you doing:
After a heading i made a soft line break with ctrl + enter. Then i wrote a tag

What feature did you use:
The headings

What happened:
The tag was not formatted as tag. I just got pure text. The same happens in bear: the tag is shown in tag tree but is not formatted as tag

What did you expect to happen:
I expected that the tag will be formatted (grey background and rounded edges)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-16 um 20.02.27

Hello and thanks for reporting this issue. We’ll do our best to address this as soon as possible.

This panda bug/glitch still appears in bear 2.0 (10209) :wink:

To let the tag appear as tag it is necessary to one time the space sign after a soft break (by ctrl+enter)

This is more problematic than it seems and at the moment we prefer to stick with the markdown standard or how it works at the moment in Panda/Bear. Markdown has a different set of rules for different kinds of stylers, for example, the single and double markers stylers. Here is where the controversy begins, because Bear’s tags are both single in double markers, but let’s say it’s they are mostly used as single markers.

Single markers stylers, such as the headers, should not work with U2028 (control+enter) otherwise you can define a header inside a header and some other markdown dark magic. It’s theoretically possible to make a distinction for Bear’s tags at the parsing level but might be very problematic all across the board so we are leaving eventually for another time.

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I think the best will be for me as user to place the tags in its own line after a hard break rather than taking care of adding a space sign before the tag. That anyway comes with the benefit to avoid ugly big tags under header 1 or 2. Thanks for explanation!

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