Deleting space between Heading Tag and Headings removes tag

Testing version: 1.0 (377)

What were you doing:
Delete space between space between Heading Tag and Headings

What feature did you use:
Delete button

What happened:
Whole Heading level tag dissapeared.

What did you expect to happen:
Expected to only delete the space between Tag and Heading:
and then expected to see tags with ###Heading, without stripping off all ###-tags.
In other words I expected same behavior as Bear today.

Hello there,

this is a new behaviour that we’re preferring atm (same for the lists), in our opinion it feels more natural and easier to edit text this way.


Thanks Matteo,

That makes sense :sunglasses:

Love the looks of :panda_face:

Hope to see more updates soon :nerd_face: